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LeoNora Gourmet Bakery, situated in the heart of Arlington, VA, is a bread and sweet food lover’s heaven.  Upon entering this little Clarendon jewel, you are likely to be warmly greeted by the owner and baker herself, who pursued her interest in baking by studying under an award-winning Parisian baker.  I have yet to try the sweets (which all look delicious!), but the baguettes are fresh (often straight out of the oven) and the croissants are a perfect combination of crispy on the outside and mouth-wateringly buttery on the inside.  

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The DC Big Flea Market that was held on January 5-6 was a wondrous treasure hunt!  If you are looking to decorate your home with unique pieces, I highly recommend checking it out next time they are in the area - March 2-3 in Chantilly, VA or February 2-3 in Fredericksburg, VA.  

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While Ray’s restaurants are known for their excellent steaks and burgers, their cheese steak or the “Nice & Greasy, Steak & Cheesy”, as they refer to it, is, true to its name, a meaty, cheesy, and rich experience.  It is the more sophisticated cousin of its Philly counterpart.  It stands toe-to-toe with its other Ray’s beefy brethren, such as the Big Punisher (also pictured).   

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